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We now offer Spanish translations for only $1.49 /100 words!

Human translation price includes book description, keywords and book title.

*Books over 10,000 words may have an extended delivery time.

*Delivery times are not guaranteed.

Package 1

 Top Writer

Delivery Time Approximately 15 Days  (expect a 30k word 

 book to take at least 35 days)



Formatted and ready for upload

Revisions provided for errors and omissions *

Now $3.49 $2.75 per 100 words!

10% discount on total orders over 40,000 words!  

Please email for discount code BEFORE you purchase.  

Discount will not be issued after purchase.

*Revisions: must be reported within 10 days of delivery.

Package 2

Intermediate Writer

Delivery Time Approximately 18 Days (expect a 30k word 

 book to take at least 35 days)


Formatted and ready for upload

Corrections provided for errors and omissions

Now $2.99 $2.49 per 100 words!

Package 3

Budget Writer  

Delivery Time 25 Days 

Delivery Time at least 35 days for books over 25k words

No Revisions - Sold AS IS

Formatted and ready for upload

$1.99 per 100 words!

Best only for simple content, basic topics and 

publishers that have an editor.

 This is NOT a good option for recipe books, technical 

books, fiction or submissions with more than one page of directions.

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