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  • Nonfiction, fiction, recipe and children’s books

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  • High quality, creative, unique content

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  • Experienced blog writers in every niche

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  • Free SEO alignment with keyword strategies

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  • Expert writers in all industries and niches

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  • Experienced writers in every niche

  • On-going content to keep your customers engaged

  • Free SEO alignment with keyword strategies

  • Exclusive rights

  • High Quality Content Options (delivery 10-24 days!)

    We are professionals with high standards and we recognize that you also have high standards. We go to great lengths to help ensure that we can deliver a quality product. You can rest assured that our staff is prepared to write new books and to also add high quality content to your current books.

    Spanish Translations 
    We now offer affordable translations!  We will translate your book, book description and book cover from English to Spanish.  We use real human translators!  

  • In-house Staff

    All of our staff are put through a vigorous application process followed by an extensive training course. We ensure that our writing team understands plagiarism, copyright and trademark issues. We do our best to help protect you, your product, and your publishing accounts. We guarantee that 100% of our delivered work has been approved by Copyscape.

  • Knowledge and Skill

    We have a large in-house staff of college graduates who love to write. Our writers are driven, passionate about their work, skilled, and dedicated. We also have a reliable support staff that is always happy to help assist you.

  • Education

    Our in-house nonfiction and fiction writers come from a variety of professional backgrounds. They all possess a high level of language proficiency and skill. Their education certificates and college degrees range from diverse topics such as economy and business, literature, chemistry, professional health, and many other varied and comprehensive topics.

  • Quality Control

    Details are important and we have earned the trust of customers all over the world for our detailed quality control system. Every writer is vetted and trained. Every project is reviewed and passed through Copyscape before being delivered to clients.

  • Culture and Values

    We believe it’s important to invest in our clients and our staff. We provide ongoing training for all staff members to help them continuously improve and develop their writing, research, and creative skills. You can always trust that we are working daily to improve and develop our staff in order to embellish their lives and provide better service and products to you.

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